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IDTA Gymnastic Dance

  • SSPA Academy

  • Saturday

  • Time

    Advanced Class: 12.30 - 1.30pm
    Intermediate Class: 1.30 - 2.30pm

  • Ages

    Advanced Class: 6+ years
    Intermediate Class: 6+ years

  • Address

    Saint Martins School, Brueton Avenue, Solihull, B91 3EN



  • Term Dates

    Please see Class4Kids

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What We Teach

Acrobatic gymnastics involves strength, flexibility and technical precision; which are the three main areas focused on within our gymnastic dance classes. Pupils are taught to warm up the muscles appropriately before entering into any gymnastic movements. They also take part in extensive and varying stretching exercises to improve their overall flexibility; which in turn assists pupils in their technical precision when executing movements such as cartwheels, bridges and flips.

Gymnastics helps pupils to improve their balance, coordination and confidence as well as refining basic motor skills, developing strength, flexibility and spatial awareness. Pupils are encouraged to progress at their own pace whilst participating in this fun and exciting class. The skills and body awareness learnt within this class will ensure a solid foundation for other dance genres. Aiming to develop strength, flexibility and fluidity of movement within a more structured discipline, Gymnastic Dance relies on teamwork to create stunning set pieces and individual skills to amaze its audience.

Carried out in a caring, safe environment, students are encouraged to develop at their own rate working on floor-based routines for a variety of examination, competitive and performance purposes.