Chloe Houghton

Since leaving StarStruck, I went on to study A Levels in Theatre Studies and Music at college, in addition to Business Studies and English Literature. I then completed a degree in Theatre and Performance at University of Leeds, graduating with First Class Honours. The skills I learnt from Katie and the girls at StarStruck have certainly helped me become successful in my studies, even those outside of the arts where presenting and communication skills were vital. At StarStruck, as well as helping the pupils develop excellent skills in dance, drama and singing, the teachers also instil confidence in the pupils, which was one of my biggest learning curves (no pun intended!) and helped massively when delivering presentations in front of large groups/lecture theatres.

Throughout University, in addition to singing in restaurants and bars, I joined a musical theatre society. With this society, I was lucky enough to play a few lead roles, such as Gabriella Montez in Disney’s ‘High School Musical’, Amy in Sondheim’s ‘Company’, and Sheila Bryant in ‘A Chorus Line’. I’ve even played Chip in Disney’s ‘Beauty and the Beast’! These have been a huge range of characters and involved strong characterisation, and the skills I developed in StarStruck from a young age gave me a brilliant foundation to draw from. At StarStruck I learnt all about correct vocal control and breathing techniques, which are skills which not only make your vocal sound better on one night, but stop you straining your voice and allow you to keep performing well night after night.

I’m so glad I started my performing career with StarStruck, it gave me some amazing opportunities like the chance to sing at Her Majesty’s Theatre, and gave me an excellent foundation of skill which I have certainly utilised as I have got older and performed in new venues.