My son has thoroughly enjoyed the last few years with Starstruck!

It has made him more confident in himself and he’s made lots of wonderful friends of all ages! He can just be himself and do something he loves surrounded by supportive, talented teachers who give it their all every week!

Mrs Masterson

My daughter loves StarStruck! She enjoys going each week as the sessions are varied, so she enjoys a bit of everything! Especially the frozen performance at Christmas. Great idea to give out certificates too!

Mrs Day

My girls joined StarStruck in January 2015 starting with Saturday Showstoppers. They had their first show at the Core Theatre in October 2015 and they are hooked. The girls have signed up to IDTA Musical Theatre Exam classes , Vocal Coaching, IDTA Gymnastic Dance and were successful in auditions for StarStruck’s London show team; The Mardi Gras Starz! StarStruck are a truly passionate and professional drama and dance company. Their teachers are fantastic and look after each individual exceptionally well. The instructors strive to help students improve and perform to the best of their ability. After searching long and hard to find a class that would engage my girls, there has never been a time in the last two years that my girls did not want to attend, regardless of anything else that is going on. They have grown overwhelmingly in confidence and their commitment to their classes is driven by wanting to be a part of something special and not wanting to ever let their teachers and fellow class mates down.

Mrs Hitchcock

My daughter has completely embraced the whole StarStruck experience and loves every minute. She has gone from doing it as an after school club to taking part 6 hours +/ week and dancing on the London stage. It’s been an amazing experience and I feel the journey is just beginning…..

Mrs Connors

My daughter’s confidence has just grown and grown since she has been attending ‘StarStruck’. The positive and encouraging attitude of all of the staff is infectious and my daughter absolutely loves attending her lessons and all of the shows she gets the opportunity to perform in.

Mrs Satchwell